Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY glitter shoes for a 4-year old...

Last summer I bought these jeans-colored canvas shoes, but my daughter has not wanted to use them. I started to guess, that it is because the color, no glitter etc… So I suggested we could decorate them a little. My daughter did the decoration all by herself, and now she uses them! The decoration was very easy to do. We just used fabric paint/glue and the for a little extra glitter, my girl sprinkled some normal glitter on the paint/glue, as it was still wet. We let them dry overnight, and in the morning they were ready to use, just like that. After a week of using them, they still look the same. Fun and good to be able to finally use the shoes!

Suosittelen kangaskenkien “koristelua”. Se on niin helppoa, että meidän 4-vuotias pystyi tekemään sen itse! Ja mitä parasta, nyt kengät, joita hän ei ollut käyttänyt kertaakaan, ovat olleet kovassa käytössä. Kangasväri/liima ja glitteri ostettiin Tiimarista. Ei muuta kun kokeilemaan!